Saturday, November 21, 2009

Want add for prem

Well I got an email from an unnamed person with a want add for prem I'm not sure if its exactly spot on or if he's even looking but the only way to find out is throw it up and see what happens
So here we go lets see if MR Ryan gets any bites lol

Hi, I'm Prem. Before I get into what I'm like, I'd like to let all ofyou know what I'm looking for in a woman, so if you don't pass mycriteria, you won't be too sad to know what you're missing. First, my woman needs to cook good. This is mostly because if I'm fed,then I won't beat you. :) Second, she needs to be quite attractive – generally I'm into Asians. Soif you're an Asian that makes good food, then you can keep reading. Third, she should be pretty handy with doing laundry, fixing things, andkeeping my room clean, because I don't have time for those sorts ofthings, and that's why I'm in the market for a girlfriend at this timein my life. (If she isn't afraid of dirty, cold places and leeches, that would behelpful, since my room contains quite a few leeches, and would be cold,if it weren't so warm right now, not to mention dirty and spider-filled.) Now for a little about me. I'm stunningly handsome, as they say, andquite athletic. I clean up quite well, and the reverse is also true. I'ma good driver, and I can cook some great crepes. I'm not in the market for a girl who's too old, but, just like they say,you can't ever find one that's too young. Rob may be looking for alonely older lady, but I'm looking for a sweet lovely youngster (SLY).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

want add

I'm kinda half looking for a girl freind.
And a freind of mine wrote up a want add for me So I thought I might throw it up here before It goes to the family website. lets see if there is any bites.

Hi, My name is Rob, I'm a dazzling young man, with quite a few practical skills under my belt! I'm not too good at sewing or knitting, so I'm looking for a young lass to stitch a few things together for me and our future little Robbies and Robbettes ;) Now listen, I don't want to come across like I'm all about demands, like first of all with sewing, then knitting, then making a couple of Robbies or Robettes, cause you'd be perfect in my books if you're over at least 30 and have at least 2 or more already made kiddos.
Now a little about me! I'm taller than most and shorter than some! Some say that I'm ruggedly handsome, but all who know me would generally say I'm quite a lovely guy! I'm in quite good shape and honestly I can say I don't have a single grey hair, so if you do, no worries, you can wear them for the both of us. Really, I'm looking for a Lonely, Older Lady (LOL) so if you happen to be a LOL, please write to me today at.

(so yeah tell me how u reckon this request is gunna go. Thanks) If anyone out there thinks they got a fair idea what prem is like and what he wants please write one for him too... Im not sure if he's looking or not. but it can't hurt. I dont think...

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know it’s been ages, and like this blogging thing was all my idea right robbo??? Hahaha, well yeah things have definitely been hectic, slaving away in the mud and all, I don’t really have any pics of that (thankfully) kinda hard to take pics while toiling in the fields, basically I was flat out like a lizard drinking, when I wasn’t in da pits I was playin dad for ol mate Steveo who had to go to Japland to teach em’ a thing or two, not really sure what exactly, but obviously it was something they didn’t already know, his kids are great and I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that the love I have for the kiddos is about a billion times the love Jesus had for humanity, yeah that’s right “had” too many ratbags these days!

Ahem so this post… I wanna send a massive shout out to Leigh, cause it’s her B-day and she’s possibly the best cook I’ve eva known and that means a lot to me being a Taurus and all aka bottomless pit. You’re a great friend Leigh and I’m sure all the team in PNG are wishing you the best as well, HAPPY B-DAY!! Just don’t get too maggot on da drink!

So to put it simply woulda loved to go with the boys to Japan, I guess teaching hard work isn’t needed there ya all smash it as is, but being home had it’s advantages plently of food with everyone gone, finally got the bloody laundry done! Plenty has happened since then, the boys came back, robbo and I built ourselves a sweet new pad, Rika joined our home great to see her again, and Robbo, Amelia, Heidi, me, Teri, and Rika all drove up to Brisbane and and Rob Tezza and Ida, went on from there to Papua New Guinea, gonna miss them, I don’t know what I’m gonna do without Robbo again… gonna give him a pat on the back seeing as no one else does these days hahaha yeah man life’s like that some times, but you’re a presence that will be missed I had to carry furniture with Amelia the other day cause there’s no one else, well that’s about it for me, it’s been a while and I feel like I’m just talking smack musta been all that sun, it’s about as hot as a tin roof in summer here when the creek isn’t flooded, all tha global wheather and all.

Well I thought I’d chuck a few pics on, but no time cause I gotta get up early and drive 2 hours to syd with a to do list as long as my arm, but I found this old clip of me and robbo… the glory days when we had time to play footy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bloody Good month past, And a bloody good one to come!

Here's another Smacky ramble.
So the month was great it was wonderful to be home and I can't complain at all. The kids have been lovely I missed them alot and yeah overall its been good to be home.
My dear freind Sharon Fox came to visit and that was lovely.
and yeah. Been happy with the month so far, I became a shepherd and I would suggest I am alot more spiritual now.
I certainly miss my Japanese friends. I hope your all well.
And yeah they other thing is the next coming month. Well I'm Going to PNG again.
Going to drive to brisbane (1000km) and then I will get a relocation 6 berth camper van and then drive it to Cairns (1700km) and then fly to PNG from there where I plan to do follow up on some of the activated readers and other contacts that we have made, as well as I hope set up 10 kindergartens out in the villages with sets of DVD's, ( treasure attics, and cherub wings sets) and a TV and Dvd player. I really hope that it all work please pray for it cuz its not easy to do all that but I know the lords gonna do it!
now thats going to be a long trip and I really feel like I want sometime at home BUT! Bugger that I reckon burn the candle at both ends until say the 23rd (of dec), maybe. Then I want to knock off indefinatly have a holiday and rest. And it just gunna be great because my good family is coming home for christmas so I'm excited to see them Cuz yeah I love them a fair bit.
Um yeah I feel like When I'm tired and Flat out (like a lizzard drinking) I'm gunna think about Christmas because I have never been a sentimental boy but that being said I seriously can't wait till christmas, I would say looking forward to that may get me through whatever tough times are going to come between now and then.
Now I want to take this time to mention to anyone reading that saying swear words is not cool!
I also want to remind prem when he reads this. To make a post he said he would and he needs to pull his finger out and get to it. Its not like he is doing ANYTHING else. lol Untrue he is as busy as a one legged river dancer! but still he should post.
I can't run this blog ALONE!!
Anyway pray for my month coming up I would hate to get sick or have anything awful happen to me. and I would love to have a great time so yeah don't be lazy say a prayer for me. and if you want prayer ask and I'll do it. God really hears my prayers so tell me what you want to happen and ill pray and it will be done. lol Try and see.
Alright I will finish this to say its gunna be a big month and I've already lost my mind.
So there I think we have gone full circle so thats Perfect.
last two points I would like to mention one quick joke and a statement.
ok What did the hat say to the hat stand? you stay here I'll go on ahead.LOL
and the statement is just to say that I love my car. Alot.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Great music people

And one more thing.I want to throw a quick shout out to all the famous people I met that I admire and love so much you guys are great and I love seeing you on video's, hearing your music, And just talking about you whenever I get the chance.
Stem You are a lord, I Love hanging out with you and one day I'm going to learn everything you have to teach me. And I'm so sorry we didn't go out to sushi. and thanks for being my brothers best friend.
Florence You are the best singer girl I have ever heard...actually you and Cherish are exactly the same But you are so cool Write great songs and are the funnest to talk to, And I'll never forget those five things we have in common.... Actually I forgot them. What are they?
Gabe McNair You are a legend and when you sang your songs at the beach I loved them you are great my friend and next time I come to japan we need to go for steak. your always welcome here.
Cherish Great singer and such a good person. Your great to be around.
Masa Your a cool dude Sing great songs and are maybe the best at skits in the whole world.
Mr listen! Legends and your music never ever gets old.
Mr Fogarty, King mate, I don't know what I like more your music or your skits. But I love it all heaps Your probably the wisest man in the world. and such a great singer. And I'm pretty thankful for that tea you gave me, It hit the spot!
Uncle Jim You are the King Wherever you ARE!
and all the other great musicians that I love, Shun - the king such a great man, cook, and guitarist I LOVE YOU!
Why U Taka? Because he's a legend, And got such a great stage presense and just a good guy all around. Naoto lord of the Key board and the girls can't leave him alone, Mike D Simply the best, Gene coon Maybe the most inspired inprationalist of all time since Jonas, Your great.
and the king and queen Francesco and Crissy Absolutely wonderful at everything you do and Marvelous people as well. sing like a couple of birds, and So marvelous!
Well I know theres more wonderful people but I can't type so good this post alone took me 4 hours! I don't even want to speak of how long the last one took.
Talk to you soon Love you guys I wouldn't be exaggerating at all when I say I love you all about a Billion times the love Jesus had when he died for mankind. Think about that!

Japan FDTP

HI everyone!
Sorry we were away for so long, We are a bit loose with all our writing and stuff in fact I don't really know where to start!
Well I been away in the might country of Japan, hanging out with some of the great great people in the world. YEAH YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!
Anyhooo I would love to put up pictures and all that but I'm afraid I didn't take out my camera the whole month I was in japan Pretty silly if u ask me.
Well now, lets get back to the story Cuz I feel like I'm getting ahead of my self.
Well well well well well ( 5 holes in the ground) hahaha.
have u ever heard someone tell a joke on a blog? well there you have it!
OK I'm getting loose. heres the story (some of this story is based on fiction)
Well it all started when me and Prem got a letter from Stem (hope you don't mind me throwing down a few names here and there. Yeah I know people) and he basicly said he can't do the FDTP because of a few big shows coming up and he needs one of us to replace him.
so it came down to either gardening up a storm working hard in the mud... Or flying to japan.
The only way to decide was a solid game of scissor, paper, rock. leave it up to luck?? NO!
I closed my eyes, He closed his. One two three. He throws out an "eye of the tiger" hard to beat at the best of time. But look at my hands, what is it? what is it? a piece of poking candy! Straight into the eye. And I Had won! I was going to FDTP!
Not long after me and my good brother made it to Taiwan on the way to Japan. Loved every minute of it there some great great individuals in that home there. and Lovely to see my parents who I miss alot!
Big shout out to Vincey vince thanks for taking us around. and Sean For being a great drinking buddy, And mike and all the rest (its not that your forgotten I just can't spell your name.)
Also mum and dad your the best ever.
Then after that quick stop off it was on to Japan!
Landed in the eye of the Typhoon which was real trouble but thank the lord got through it safe and sound and we were picked up by Aikun Who I grew up with back here in australia, great guy were actually best freinds still even tho we've rarely seen each other. I just want to take this time to remind our readers that prem and I are wonderful people and if you make freinds with us you may find you have 2 great freinds for life like Aikun found when making freinds with me!
So if you are interested my number is 0433543015 so yeah don't be shy.
um so yeah we worked on the FDTP which was fun I could not get enough of the staff and our meetings were loads of fun.
Going to interupt this story with another little thot. You know how when your are suppose to be doing something like school work, Or having word or a mtg or whatever and its hard to concentrate, Then silly little games become so much fun? like drawing on yourself or counting tiles on the wall or telling alot of off topic jokes. Well isn't that ridiculous? those things arn't fun in real life but when u have to do something else those things become soooo good. Its very very strange!
Anyhow I feel like I have more jokes than ever when we are suppose to talk about serious stuff in a mtg and Its challenging at the best of times to hold them in!
so the acadamy was great a real challenge especially when a few hecitc fights broke out and people were throwing tables and chairs everyones getting mad and going nuts crying and weeping and bleeding!!!

No that never happened. Its a lie I'm sorry. not to say there weren't tense moments though the FDTP is a challenging time and when you are going to grow sometimes you need to go through tough things, thats life!
so I had a wonderful team to look out for
David, William, Vince, Eman, and Akimi. Great boys and had alot of fun with them.
I think overall everyones nature was great I really enjoyed hanging out and making freinds with everyone there.
I'd like to name everyone (which I could cuz I learned everyones name, yeah thats right EVERYONE)
But yeah its too many people.
Actually I could write a whole post and put like each person I mets name and something about them Thats a good Idea! I might do that later.
Well I don't really know what else to say except the lord did it. The FDTP was a sucess I would say and overall I'm really stoked I went.
I made some valuble freinds Gee there's too many to name But I will throw down some big names so you can all know with whom I roll! well Stem and me... yeah were tight, he tells me pretty much everything hahaha. and florence is a Lord and a great singer. I almost did an audition for her to see if I could be in a band with her but we didnt. Get around to it maybe its for the best cuz I can still pretend I'm good at music between now and then.
Gee this is Such a loose loose story I'm writing, I don't even know where I'm going with this. But anyhow we went loved japan and came home and it was glori ( more than one Glorious)
and I will put up some pictures to prove that this whole thing isnt a lie
Sorry again about the loose writing but I guess its my first one back in along time.
Oh and I'll have to come out and say that I really missed premlul being there. Next time we will do it together and Im sorry u lost in scissor paper rock.
Heres just a few pics of what happened if I had of took out my camera I'd have more. But you can't win them all

This is not a skit. Just like when stem and steve and me hang out we just play fun games I guess that was steve dancing cuz of a story I told him and my brother thot it was so funny he hid under a table cloth and then someone rocks up and "SNAP"

Me and Steve listening to Micheal fogarty maybe the best musician the family has ever seen. He was on fire that night


my best freind and Im his

Monday, May 11, 2009

some great pics...some of my favorites

Premlal Is sitting over on his bed. And has no Idea what I'm up to he he he.
Were putting up some of his finest pictures so everyone enjoy before he takes them down.


Im the king

Surrender the booty again


At his very best!!!